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Perhaps Covid-19 has slowed down your Flash application migration plans, or you were just recently tasked with the responsibility to figure out your organization’s plan for Flex? Regardless, the countdown is now less than six months away to extend your Flash applications beyond 2020. By December 2020 it will no longer be possible to run Flash in versions of almost all Web browsers. Recognizing many companies would like to continue to use Flash and Flex, Veriskope has developed an Adobe AIR desktop helper application that extends the utilization of your Flash or Flex application outside a web browser. 

The Veriskope Boost desktop app can be configured to accommodate any existing web-based Flash or Flex application and support the use of that application for years to come. The Veriskope Boost experience is similar to desktop helper apps installed by Zoom or Webex. Once installed, the application launches when double clicked on the desktop or self-launches when a specific application URL is visited via your browser.

While there are many use cases where Veriskope Boost can benefit your company, here are a few examples:

  1. Financial Reporting for Internal and External Users — Perhaps your organization uses Flash or Flex to develop amazing visualizations and charts of financial data. The simplicity of these charts and ease of use is not easily replicated in newer applications. Rather than redesign and recode the charting elements, you would like to make the charts available to the team. This is a great use case for building a desktop application that provides easy access to those amazing charts and graphs for a select group of internal employees and maybe even customers.
  2. Employee Education and Training Tools — Does your organization have an extensive library of training materials using video and interactive quizzes delivered via Flash or Flex? These are perfect applications for Veriskope Boost to provide ongoing access on the desktop. The same training and quizzing tools can still be used—employees will now gain access to the training content library by simply installing it on their desktops. Little to no changes are required to the backend content.
  3. Connected Graphical Layout Applications (ie. Label Printing) — Maybe your company uses the graphical capabilities of Flash to create amazing looking custom layouts or graphics. While Flash in the browser provided many unique capabilities, now those same capabilities can be extended and used via a desktop app beyond December 2020. This may be valuable for your own business, or in many cases, to your customers. Rather than abandoning your custom Flash layout and graphical tools, you can extend their life and provide internal and external access to your customers.
  4. Large Dataset Access and Management Tools — Perhaps you have a Flex toolset that allows your team and related customers to manage and manipulate a large amount of data. With Veriskope Boost you can now continue to utilize those same tools to access, manage and analyze data.
  5. Arcade or Adventure Games — Have you developed Flash-based games for learning, or maybe just for fun? Now instead of sunsetting those popular games, you can make them available as a desktop game—no backend changes required. Using Veriskope Boost you can build a desktop helper app for the game and your audience can continue to enjoy the fun for years to come.

The Veriskope Boost solution will extend the use of your Flash applications beyond 2020 because it is not subject to browser plug-in restrictions, making it a great long-term solution. The Veriskope Boost desktop app can be configured to accommodate any existing web-based Flash or Flex application and support the use of that application for years to come. The application can also easily be updated, enhanced, and managed by your organization.

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