Veriskope Switch Flash Migration

Quickly migrate away from Flash™ or Flex™ with SWITCH™—a new rich media solution based on standard web browser technology such as HTML5, and Apache Royal.

The SWITCH solution helps you replace Flash and build a new solution using standard web browser technology such as HTML5 and Apache Royal. Veriskope SWITCH gives you a modern HTML5 solution with cutting edge interactivity with video and data management capabilities, accessible to anyone via mobile, laptop or new ‘connected’ devices where a modern browser is available. Your solution is no longer dependent on Flash or any other vendor locked or closed source technology. SWITCH is based on open source solutions, giving you ultimate flexibility, control, and confidence to adapt in the future


How would my organization use SWITCH?
The development of your SWITCH solution will be completed in partnership with Veriskope. Our team analyzes your existing Flash or Flex application and develops a plan to migrate your solution.

Think of SWITCH as porting your existing Flash application into a new UI/ UX layer based on Apache Royal. First, from the UI perspective, we do not anticipate deep changes to your existing Flash UI, more a new coat of UI Apache Royal paint. Second, we do not typically modify your current apps data/service layer or business/behaviour logic, we just update the UI to work in the browser while attempting to preserve the same look and feel. Our methodology helps us move fast (4-6 weeks) and keep costs low.
If you want to redesign and reimagine your old Flash app with some new features, we can help with that as well. Veriskope develops and custom-configures the SWITCH implementation for each customer. Each solution is unique.

What type of applications is SWITCH good for?
SWITCH is appropriate for use with any custom application developed in Flash or Flex, including both internal and external utilizations.

Internal uses of SWITCH include financial reporting and charting, medical charts, real-time data analytics, and market analytics.
External uses may include government forms, healthcare and insurance forms, interactive charting, video delivery, podcast delivery, and more.

Can SWITCH support real-time video and data features?
Yes! Based on Veriskope’s deep experience in consumer real-time video, audio, and data streaming applications, we excel in rebuilding real-time SWITCH video, commerce and data applications. Veriskope can add unique value in specific real-time areas because of our background with real-time media platforms, our work with WebRTC video and chat, and our forthcoming real-time video AI/intelligence. This list below highlights some solutions organized from lowest latency to highest latency solution type.

    • SWITCH Real-Time Experiences with Media Recording/Playback and Data Communications:  In this class of applications you find bespoke multi-party web conferencing apps (e.g, Telemedicine) to real-time collaborative commerce applications (e.g, Real-Time Auction/Commerce). RTMP or WEBRTC extends the reach for this class of applications. Veriskope has deep experience with both, and even the cross integration of these real-time streaming technologies.
    • SWITCH Live Experiences with Media Playback and Data Communications:  In this class of live experiences, high-quality media playback can be combined with live data that adds value to that media. One example would be in an IOT device where in addition to live video camera data, an app would additionally gather other device sensor data in sync with the video. Another example might be a shopping experience where users are viewing a live video of a person presenting items for sale and customers are making purchases (and impacting inventory numbers) in real-time.
    • SWITCH Near-Live Experiences for Media Playback:  This represents a class of media playback applications such as sports broadcasts where 10+ seconds of latency for a live event is acceptable because that latency is the same for all users and the event is primarily a virtual one. Adobe Media Server’s HLS support is the primary technical path for these experiences. This path utilizes the enormous device reach of web browsers through open source and commercial HLS media players.
    • SWITCH On-Demand Media Playback:  This represents a class of media where content is delivered on-demand when a viewer needs access. This could be online educational courses utilizing online video, such as a meal delivery company engaging Veriskope to design/build its video cooking instructions experience, transitioning away from printed cards. This class of applications is an obvious place to experiment with AI-based video intelligence models that might add visual annotations to the video as it plays.


SWITCH now or later?
SWITCH is appropriate for use with any custom application developed in Flash or Flex, including both internal and external utilizations.

Converting your Flash-based application to SWITCH can offer you multiple advantages, including long-term viability, better speed, higher security, more accessibility, and various other opportunities for innovation.
While conversion from Flash to SWITCH may seem like a complicated process, Veriskope can guide you through a fast, smooth, and cost effective transition.

If you would like to learn more about converting your Flash-based UI/UX into a modern, rich media, interactive experience that will last for years to come, get in touch with us now!

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As of January 2021, it will no longer be possible to run your Flash applications in the new versions of most Web browsers.

The major browser vendors (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple) have announced they will stop supporting Flash Player as a plug-in after 12/31/2020. And as of January 15, 2021, Adobe is pushing an “uninstall script” to web browsers when encountering a site using Flash.

If you are currently utilizing Flash Player for support of a FLASH or FLEX-based application, Veriskope provides development services to completely rebuild a new solution using standard web browser technology such as HTML5 and Apache Royal.

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