Still Best in Class

Today, RTMP remains one of the most widely used and supported video ingest standards in the world for low-latency live video streaming.

Veriskope RTMP SDK & RTMPS SDK Connector for C++ Client APIS

Today, RTMP remains one of the most widely used and supported video ingest standards in the world. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and others require the use of RTMP to connect to their live video streaming platforms. The market for both hardware and software RTMP / RTMPS encoding services continues to grow as the number of consumer and business live streamers increase exponentially.

Veriskope now offers a simple C++ SDK solution that enables hardware and software vendors to easily support RTMP and RTMPS encoding. If you are an encoding hardware vendor looking to add RTMP or RTMPS support, you can use the Veriskope C++ SDK to update your encoders, or create a secondary black box transcoder solution that will turn any RTMP signal into RTMPS. If you are a software encoding solution provider, you can now drop in the Veriskope SDK into your solution to extend support for RTMPS.


Connect and livestream securely to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and more

Internet of Things

Design new embedded and IOT real-time solutions that send and receive live video streams


Utilize the powerful RTMP data channel to deliver new interactive esports, gambling and commerce applications

Why is RTMP Still the Best?

Real-Time Messaging Protocol ensures adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS). When the bandwidth changes, the video quality automatically tunes up to it. RTMP is based on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which prioritizes maintenance of stable connection and low latency.

RTMP can be used for more than mobile streaming. RTMP server can send media data both to web applications as well as to mobile devices.

  • It’s specifically optimized for live streaming

    The greatest benefit that RTMP provides is optimization of video and audio data transmission. For streaming, it uses the exclusive 1935 port that is suitable for low-latency content transmission which is vital for live streaming and requires no buffering.

  • It’s a mature technology

    RTMP has been used for live streaming for more than 10 years. For a developer, setting up an RTMP Server is an easy task. For a user, video streaming is enabled in different formats at the same time. Security features such as player verification are applied too.

  • You can watch any part of the video being broadcast

    All RTMP servers allow the recording of incoming media streams and provide the ability to display videos from the beginning. A user can skip parts of the video till the current moment in the broadcast. Particularly useful for long videos.

  • It’s still the most popular real-time streaming protocol

    RTMP is a platform-independent protocol that requires no hardware dependencies and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows mobile. It is also widely utilized in gaming devices, such as PlayStation, Xbox One, and PS Vita

To find our more about the Real-Time Messaging Protocol, along with history, documentation and the specification, visit the RTMP Technology Site.

License the Veriskope RTMP SDK & RTMPS SDK

If you are a C++ developer, you can use the Veriskope SDK Connector to easily send audio, video, and other data to C++ applications. (Note: The C++ applications must use their own libraries to capture and encode audio and video data.)

The SDK is designed to connect seamlessly to the Adobe Media Server. Customers using the Adobe Media Server (or other servers built using Veriskope C++ SDK) can then distribute the video to the world via HTTP or via RTMP to supported clients. (The Veriskope RTMPS SDK is designed to run both on Linux and Windows platforms.)