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San Rafael, California – May 6, 2019.  Veriskope, a provider of low-latency cloud and edge video computing solutions, today announced it has entered into a global licensing agreement with Adobe to manage all aspects of  Adobe Media Server business including global distribution, support, product development and operations.

The Adobe Media Server, Real-Time Messaging Protocol SDK, and Flash Media Live Encoder are proven, scalable, low latency video streaming solutions broadly deployed across diverse industries, including media, government, education, gaming, telecommunications and medicine.

The Adobe Media Server family of products revolutionizes media delivery with support for consistent, scalable, protected real-time streaming via edge, on-premise and cloud deployments to a wide array of consumer and IOT devices, cameras, sensors, tablets, phones, smart speakers, connected TVs and more.

In order to service existing clients and offer an established solution to new customers interested in 5G edge, hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence video solutions, Veriskope will distribute, support and enhance the Adobe Media Server line of solutions worldwide to customers, system integrators and cloud vendors.

“Adobe Media Server continues to provide industry-defining, low latency media delivery for today’s cloud and tomorrow’s 5G edge,” said Robert Pierce, Veriskope COO. “With this agreement, Veriskope is collaborating with Adobe to be the global source for Adobe Media Server and related software technology.”

Veriskope will continue to offer Adobe Media Server 5 in its Standard, Professional and Extended versions, as well as Adobe Media Server related assets like the Real-Time Messaging Protocol SDK and Flash Media Live Encoder products.  Additionally, Veriskope already offers end-end digital migration services for customers interested in transitioning from Flash-based user experiences into new native HTML web and mobile experience.

“Adobe Media Server 5.0 is a proven, low latency video software product actively used today by Global 2000 organizations. Adobe is excited to work with Veriskope to globally distribute and deliver Adobe Media Server to existing clients and introduce the solution to new markets,” said Chris Hock, Head of Business Strategy and Development, Media & Entertainment at Adobe.

“The Adobe Media Server is a scalable, real-time video solution in use by leading organizations worldwide. Veriskope is the right company to enhance the product for the next generation of hybrid cloud, 5G edge and AI video use cases. We are excited to be working with Veriskope and Adobe to help deliver on their future vision for Adobe Media Server,” said David Hassoun, RealEyes, CEO.

Veriskope and Adobe Media Server maximizes the reach of video content by supporting HTTP Live Streaming and Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) protected video streaming formats. Additionally, Veriskope is evaluating future enhancements including support for the Common Media Application Format and WebRTC streaming formats.

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